Why do you race in Age Group?

While you decide to sign up to a Spartan race, many questions arise in your mind and one of the first ones is “which category fits me?” 

And you look at the options available. 

Open is the basic step. It allows you to race lightly, having fun, not being too scared of burpees or the obstacles theirselves. 

But questions arise: isn’t it too little for me? Do I really want to come to race that lightly? Am not I trained enough to challenge myself more?

Elite welcomes the most trained athletes. Those who race to compete officially for prizes and glory. Those who jump on the podiums and want to make Spartan their sport for life.

The questions come: does this fit me? Isn’t it too much for someone like me who’s trained but is joining this sport making the first step in this incredible journey?

The answer to all your question is one only: race as an Age Group.

What does it mean to race as an Age Group and Why to race in your Age category? 

On paper, racing as Age Group means that - starting from 18 years old in Europe - you can find the group you belong to, based on your current age. You will have: a rulebook to follow, Marshall being after you at the obstacles and dedicated rankings divided by age category.

Actually, racing as an Age Group means much more. 

We gave voices to those who race in Age Group to explain what does it really mean, and we asked them: Why do you race in Age Group? 

We discovered a new whole world as well. 

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1. Because you feel part of a family. 

Each Age Group heat includes a limited number of people who meet together at the start-line and for this reason everyone knows each other, encourages each other and supports each other.

You start with your competitors, you look them one-by-one in the eyes and you end up making new friends.

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2. To compete and improve.

Because it allows you to compete and improve. You never surrender while racing as an Age Group. The Marshall overlooks you and you want to give your best to overcome the obstacles and come to the finish line with the least number of burpees possible. 

It’s a competition with yourself and also with the other athletes on the course.

Once you jump the fire, the first thing you do is to count the amount of burpees you collected on the course and share proudly your results with your fellow competitors. 

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3. To find a new Adventure.

This is the middle step of the Spartan Journey. It makes you perfectly comfortable with your own capabilities. If you’re trained, you want to prove your skills in a level that fits you and your strength. Elite and Open are at the extreme limits of the chain, the Age Group is the perfect match with your own attitude while you start a new adventure as a Spartan Race is.

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4. To become and Elite.

This is your engine. Every time you race as an Age Group you want to do more and more and one day you will take the step towards the dreamy Elite category. You can do that. Everything is possible for a Spartan. 

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And you: why do you race in Age Group?

It’s your turn now to find your own motivation to race and answer the question. 

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