Inside Spartan: the Ultra side of the races

50k. 60 obstacles. The Endurance by its name. With foundations in traditional ultra-running, the Spartan Ultra is the ultimate challenge for racers who want to test their strength and mental fortitude. If you want to race an Ultra you must be able to train every single part of your mind and body testing yourself in different disciplines: 

  • Running: to improve your resistance on the distance 

  • Functional training to improve the grip and strength: to overcome the obstacles in the right way

  • Cycling and swimming: to build the aerobic capacity without impacting on joints

  • Hiking and trail running: to be able to face the elevation that the Ultra gains over the course

We have 4 incredible Ultra destinations in Europe:

Each of them featuring formidable elevation gain, extreme weather, unexpected challenges and undiscovered spots where to meet cool people to engage with.  

The 5 pillars of the Spartan Ultra: 

  1. It’s serious and you have to train for that. 

  2. You have to control your pace and feeling on the whole course. 

  3. You have to be consistent and focus on yourself to avoid distractions. 

  4. It improves your resilience, makes you stronger and tests your mental might. 

  5. It inspires you through the Spartan Ultra Mentors and stunning destinations. 

Don’t you believe it?

We asked some of the bravest European Ultra athletes: what does it make so special? How do you train for that? What makes you an Ultra racer? 

Here is what we came up with. 


Born in Slovenia, Rea started trail running when she moved to the States for college and eventually came across the OCR, becoming the Spartan Ultra World Champion in 2019 in Are - Sweden. 

“You have to be consistent in your training sessions, alternate training with resting, gradually build your strength and endurance and avoid any risk of injury”. 

You have to train enough, sleep enough, eat enough and have a balanced life to make it to the end of an Ultra. 


Coming from Portugal, Samuel was awarded the podium of the Ultra in Andorra, one of the toughest races of Europe, and has challenged Spartan Ultra since 2017. 

Spartan Ultra is a very personal challenge for everyone who wants to start this journey. “It’s a physical, mental, spiritual and resilient challenge for every athlete. All these abilities together make you an Ultra runner”. 


One of the greatest athletes from Spain, he was initially scared of Ultra, as something that went beyond his capabilities. In 2022 he pulled out his courage: he moved his registration from the Andorra Beast to the Andorra Ultra, racing the Spartan 50k for the first time in his OCR history. 

“It was one of the best experiences Spartan offered me. If you ever feel attracted to racing an Ultra, just do it”.  

Listen to your body: everyone who trains for this, can finish an Ultra.


From Spain, Ona is one of the most awarded athletes in the Spartan podiums over the years.

Spartan Ultra is unspeakable. “Throughout the race you feel a wide range of emotions. Joy, pain, exhaustion, suffering, pride... And at the end, satisfaction of having completed the race for your own”. 


Born in Italy, as athlete and SGX coach, Alberto has been racing Spartan for a lifetime. As a mountains and trail lover, he trains everyday up and down the hills which makes him in perfect shape for challenging the Ultra. “I used to race the Ultra in Andorra. I love its technical terrain and steep hills. And I can’t wait to be there again in June 2023: every time is different and it’s the perfect place to test yourself. To be an Ultra runner you have to take your time and be patient. And that’s what I do on the course”. 


If you are an Ultra racer as Edourad from France is, what you will love is the distance. Take one step after the other. No rush when you’re approaching an Ultra, as you have to release your energy little by little if you want to jump the Finish line. What you have to do is “Stay focus, take a good pace not a fast one, and enjoy the race”. Believe him.


Coming from France, Jean has challenged the Ultra multiple times and especially in one of the toughest destinations of Europe, Morzine. Consider the Ultra a “Beast x 2” and make your step into the ultimate Spartan Journey. “Just complete it and jump the finish line, and you will be a winner”.


One of the toughest Spartan racers, Myriam is originally from France but she’s a citizen of the world. The Ultra “Pushes you out of your comfort zone and you have to learn to listen to your body and not your head”. Enjoy Nature and the opportunity to race and connect with the environment outside.


Once you start, you never end. Jonathan has attended 4 times the Ultra in Andorra, as every year, every time is different. You are more trained, the course itself changes as well as Nature around you. Every time is a new experience and you have to “Prepare yourself as if you were running a trail of 65km, run, cycle & toughen up you at training”. It’s never enough for an Ultra.

Do you want to know more? Come and discover yourself. 

Find an Ultra.


MICOL BERTI Marketing Manager for the Western Europe area with a passion for writing and sharing inspiring stories from the Spartan world.